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Developing Packages - £250

These options provide you with a targeted series of sessions to address particular issues in your training or competing.  Options are available with either Elanor or Vicky depending on what approach will suit you best and the depth of the issues. If you are unsure who is best for you, just get in touch and we can discuss your needs. 

Working with Elanor

Designed for those who want to address a current difficulty associated with their training or race activities.
The package consists of 4 x 1-hour online sessions to identify the root of current issues and work on restructuring thinking patterns and behaviours to better tackle the challenge. The sessions will usually stretch over a period of 4-12 weeks (flexibility available) and can take place at any point leading up to the race.

Working with Vicky

This package consists of 3 x 2-hour or 6 x 1-hour sessions targeting three significant points in your training schedule and focusing on ways to optimise your training through changes in behaviour and improved self-awareness; 1. Long term overview looking at how to change your behaviour in ways that will lead to the outcome you desire, 2. Pre-event planning looking at the final few weeks and days of preparation from the perspective of reduced active training and increased psychological skills training, 3. Event planning looking in detail at your performance in the event with a focus on self-awareness.

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