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Optimising Packages - £500

These options provide you with a more intensive package of support over a longer period, leading up to your event.  Both Elanor and Vicky offer support at this level to integrate mental development into your race training. If you are unsure who is best for you, just get in touch and we can discuss your needs.

Working with Elanor

This package is designed for those who want to identify broader needs for mindset development and work more continuously on these as part of their training for the race and beyond.
• 4 x 1-hour online sessions to identify your needs and support the application of psychological development to training.
• 3 x 1-hour online sessions in the lead up to race-day (from 4-6 weeks out) to focus on the application of psychological developments to the race itself and create coping strategies for the race difficulties.
• 1 x 1-hour online session post-race to ‘download’ the experience and identify ongoing applications of your psychological development.

Achieving your Dream

Working with Vicky

A mid to long term package (4-6months) which involves building a collaborative and therapeutic coach counsellor relationship with Vicky towards your (main) race or event performance. This package will allow you to meet with Vicky for an hour every 4-6 weeks to discuss your progress from the perspective of your holistic wellbeing and achieving your goals. You will also benefit from an individual outline endurance training schedule on Training Peaks** which will be reviewed weekly with feedback notes.  This package consists of 4 x 1-hour sessions, 4 x monthly outline (or 6-weekly), Training Peaks schedules, & written feedback. 
**Training Peaks is an online training platform that allows athlete and coach to communicate easily. 

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