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Exploring Packages - only £50!

These options provide you with a one-off session with either Elanor or Vicky to gain some insight into what resources you already have and provide brief tools for support. They can also be used as a taster and can be expanded to include other packages. If you are unsure what is best for you, just get in touch and we can discuss your needs.

Working with Elanor

This 1-hour session will explore some of your current thinking around your training and/or event. Elanor will help you to identify changes you would like to make and introduce alternative thinking patterns to optimise your potential. 

Working with Vicky

Before your event, a 1-hour session that packs a punch and provides you with some fundamental tools to assess the resources and skills you already hold to break habits and make positive changes in your performance.  Or after your event, a 1-hour session to review your performance and consider what’s next.

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If you think that Exploring is right for you, drop us a line below and we will get right back to you to start you on your journey to reaching your potential.

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